How's your Christmas break going, people? Having a great time? Feeling... horny?

While you were opening socks and undies from Mum, Kylie Jenner and Tyga were spending their time getting extremely moist for a short film for W magazine. It is what can only be described as an earth-shattering assault on your body image. You're welcome.

Describing the short film as “super raw”, director Sasha Samsonova told W:

The thing about this video is that there’s no post-production work whatsoever. It’s only cut together. It’s very raw, and we tried to keep it that way — no skin retouching, nothing.

C'maaahn. There was a little bit of retouching. Admit it. Admit it!

Apart from a brief sojourn into being insanely horny with this video release, it seems the pair had a great Christmas anyway:

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Source: Vimeo.
Photo: Vimeo.