PEDESTRIAN HELP is all about raising awareness for, and coverage of, local causes in need.

P.TV will regularly champion a new cause / organisation and ask you guys, our readers, to join in. Then we’ll keep you in the loop, letting you know the different ways to get involved and what you personally can do to lend your support.

"Pedestrian Help is about mobilising the highly vocal and influential audience we've built over the last 11 years to support causes affecting the youth of Australia," says P.TV’s co-founder Oscar Martin. "It’s arguably the most important section we’ve launched to date, and an opportunity for us to give a little something back."

In short, we have this platform and an incredible community of humans brought together by a desire for .gif-filled news and a love of pop-culture – with OUR POWERS COMBINED we can all move Earth/Fire/Wind/Water to bring a little bit more Heart to our planet.

<3 P.TV

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