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Youth homelessness goes widely unreported, yet it affects an estimated 26,000 young Aussies between the ages of just 12 and 25.

In fact, 42% of our country's entire displaced population is under the age of 25 - not a pretty stat, especially given that young people are much more vulnerable to the harsh realities of life on the street.

It's easy to forget about those less fortunate when we're Netflix-and-chilling from the comfort of a warm bed at night, but we don't want it to be that way, which is why PEDESTRIAN HELP is championing Youth Of The Streets as its inaugural cause.

Founded by local ledge Father Chris Riley in 1991, YOTS has grown from a single food van delivering meals to displaced kids in Sydney’s Kings Cross to a major youth-specific agency offering 35+ services, from crisis accommodation for those affected by domestic violence and alcohol / drug services, to counseling and accredited high schools.

They're doing A++ work, but could always use more people power i.e. YOU to help spread the message about the importance of giving kids in a need a leg-up, not to mention some extra $$$ to put towards growing the business' services.

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How We're Helping

We’re keen to raise as much awareness as is humanly possible for youth homelessness, and the great work of Youth Of The Streets.

To help do that, PEDESTRIAN.TV is curating and hosting a special, one-off fundraising gig at the Metro Theatre on Saturday, 21 May, 2016, with all proceeds going back to Father Riley's amaze charity. 

The lineup for the first-ever PEDESTRIAN HELP event sees some of Australia’s best, young, local acts offer their time (and talent) for free in the name of youth homelessness, which is pretty dang cool.

Check the poster below for the first announcement of names on the bill (the second line up drops on Monday, 2 May, 2016).

“Youth Off The Streets is very excited to be part of Pedestrian HELP. The funds raised at the concert will go a long way to helping disadvantaged young people suffering from issues like homelessness, abuse and personal trauma,” says Father Riley. “Together we can help move them one step closer to building better lives and futures.”

Tickets to PEDESTRIAN HELP will be $35.00, with all proceeds going to Youth Off The Streets, and can be purchased from TODAY through Ticketek: just follow this link.

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